Sunday, March 26

TheArticleNG Now Accepts Guest Post. How To Apply?

Over the months, precisely from December 2016, I created TheArticleNG on the 5th, got my domain registered on 31st of January 2017, re-registered it on 15th of March due to some issues, which i stated ealier.
Note:- Guest Posting Is Different From Sponsored Post. You Will Be Charged For Sponsored Post.
Now the question is how do i guest post on TheArticleNG?
For you to post an article on this blog, we require you to send your mail to ifexxy9[at]gmail[dot]com. In every guest post, you must input the original link, if you don't have any link to put, then you have to prove to us that you are the main author/writer of the particular article. You will also attach your social media profiles links, like LinkedIn(If Any), Facebook, Twitter and others. We recommend you to have at least 200+ Words in your article. The type of guest post we accepts, are the ones that teaches, enlighten and also makes a positive impacts on our users, We DO NOT accept posts that advertises a product/services (this should be addressed in sponsored posts). We DO NOT accept post that damage the integrity of our reputable news blog and our affiliates.

What Are Your Benefits? Your benefits are numerous to mention, we currently have an average of 1,155+ visits daily, not to talk of what we will have in a week, talkless of a month, your link back to the original site, will be a traffic source for your blog. etc If you are ready to apply submit a mail to Thank You


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