Friday, March 10

TANG Exclusive: Pres. Buhari Returns Today, How True Is The Story? By Ifeanyi Michealz

I decided to write this article, because there's a feeling of disbelief in me, concerning buhari's return to Nigeria this morning, i know that i will be critized for writing this, but as a blogger, if i don't write this... my mind will trouble me, my article is not long, but it is decisive and straight to the point.
This morning a video came out claiming to be the video of Buhari arrival to nigeria, which he arrived at Kaduna airport and was said to be choppered to Presidential villa in Abuja, ealier today THISDAY reports that Pres. Buhari will back to nigeria at about 4:00am today, THISDAY article presents it in a way that buhari has already returned while the article was published at about 3:45am today, isn't that a coincidence. There was also a video on nairaland, showing the return of buhari to nigeria, yet the said video was published on 9th march 2017, i don't understand anything here, is it that buhari returned on 9th of march instead of 10th of march, has THISDAY and Femi(buhari's aide) rightly said! And again the climate of the video doesn't seem to be around 4.00am even to 6.00am, please i need to be clarified on this issue, because we(nigerians) can't be fooled around and be told deceptive lies!


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